Friday, January 29, 2010

Delay #1

Hello there. I haven't posted for some days now. I was sick and still am. I have some infection of throat (I don't know how you say that in English). I am sick since Tuesday. I also had some other problems and my head also didn't want to kinda work on the project. I wanted to get over the alpha stage this week but sickness got into my plans. I will start working on the project tomorrow. Some of the things that I think need to be done to reach the alpha stage: some pile of polishes that I have written down, lame-o menu and level selection, some 10+ levels, basic sounds effects maybe some music added. After that is done the game will hit the beta development phase. 

Now for some more gaming news. In these days I took myself the time and played some indie games that I tried but didn't put enough time into them.

RunMan: Race Around the World

I completed it. I have to say it is really fun and fast. A lot of love has been put into it. I wish todays Sonic games would be as good as this. I recommend this one.

Dungeons of Fayte

A game that came out of the Assemblee compo at TIGsource. It is great because and a 4 players coop is hell fun. I completed it with my brother. If you have someone around to play with, try this.

Picture on the link. (The links are in the titles)


A game from this years IGF student category. It is not much of a gameplay but the storytelling is amazing and gives me that Fahrenheit feeling. 

An Untitled Story

One word, epic. The game is humongous and I lost many hours in it and probably didn't even get over the half of the game. Really a gem that I played in the past and played it again this days. Give it a go. I also suggest a gamepad with a long cable and some comfortable chair. Really one of the best games.

There are a lot Indie games I played but you probably know them and I won't list them here.

I hope I will give you more updates on the project tomorrow.


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