Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy new year?

Hello there. First of all happy new year to everyone. I know I am late. I also know that I didn't post anything on the blog since the 23th. That is kinda sad, considering back in the days I made posts more frequently. I will try to change that now (kinda new year promise), I also have to start working more on game developing. I need to put a notifier on my desktop so I will post every day.

About the new project. Well I started on it all the platforming works. I will scratch the shooting part of the game because it kinda does not go together with this style of plaformer. I also hope it won't be to Meat boy-ish. But many developers said: if you remake something, then add something in it so it will be totally different. But I think that the game isn't like Meat boy it only has similar platforming gameplay. 

Little what works.

-platforming ( yay wall slide and jump )

- sloooow motion, I like it

- and some eye candy

I start further work on it tomorrow. The last 3 days (and I really mean it) I have been working on something for school but now I done everything and have like 2 weeks of chilling. Enough time to finish this. I start working on advanced platforms tomorrow: spiked, moving, eee oscilating and a level editor. I won't post a screen because the graphics look strange, I have to change them a little but don't expect more from me than lost of cubes and simple stuff.

Here is a little vector art I did for the game (main character)... not named yet :D

(that is not slime at the bottom.. it is a badly drawn light)

I will post some screens of the game tomorrow. 


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