Monday, August 31, 2009

Squared Shooter

I am goint to make this as a first post of the game because this is going on the tabs on the left.

So I finaly finished the current project. I made it for the experimentalgameplay where the theme was "bare minimum". So I decided to use only rectangles for graphics. Total work time on the project is 20 hours. Somewhere 12 hours are normal stuff and 8 hours are searching the web for many mathematical formulas. Yea this project was hard. I had to do many advanced math for collision detection and all. But I made it.

Here is the screenie:

Download link.

As I said here is the timelapse video made with chronolapse.

Go to youtube to see HQ. I think then you can even read the code.

All together it was a good project. But the only problem is ( as I just checked experimentalgameplay ) and the made a post of all the games. Mine isn't included. That is because I could'n post a comment in the topic. Darn it. Oh well.


  1. sweet! The right-click function is brilliant. Really cool idea.
    The only problem I had was that it stops firing when I do the right click attack. I should be firing again after I do the special move. (Left mouse down should always be firing, except when right button is down).
    Anyways, nice job. I'm sure the particle system was a fun challenge.
    The blue bullets felt like they could've been a little stronger.

  2. Big thanks.

    Yea the particles attack is a little weak. :D

  3. Hey, do you use a game engine or do you make your games from scratch (i.e., write your own engine?)

  4. I make them from scratch. I use SDL for input and OpenGL for rendering. Everything else is mine.

  5. Hey cool game, the movement and firing felt really smooth. I like how the squares looked and how the game felt. I wish it could have been listed as well but keep trying and maybe you can get in the next one.

  6. Hey man!

    Just wanted to say: You're awesome! This blog and what you're doing is what indie development is all about. I stumbled accross this site because I'm playing the meandmyshadow clone and I just love the idea of that game! I have to check out squared shooter though, I love the minimalistic graphics.

    Keep on doing what you're doing best!


  7. This game is awesome