Tuesday, September 8, 2009

School school school

Hello there. It is the 8 of september and school has started already some days ago. We really have a "ugly" squedual. I come home at 4.30 PM almost every day. But we are going to get a new one next week so I will come home at 3 PM more days. It is really hard to wake up at 5 AM and be at school till 3 PM and then drive 1.5 hours too home. The grading will also start. That means learning. I have more career specific classes this year but history, native language and maybe some other thing will be a problem. I will have to learn more for those.

For the game developing part I am finding a good idea what to make. I won't participate in this months experimentalgameplay theme. It is "Failure". I don't have anything interesting for that. Maybe I will get an idea in school. Well probably not :D But I am planning to make a game this month. I try to keep the a game in a month thing ( in a 7 day time limit ). But I would rather like a game a week. 

random pic.



  1. Hah, I don't start school till the 23rd of September. Also I don't have to wake up at 5am (that's when I go to bed). College is great!

    Speaking of greatness, Calvin and Hobbes is also amazing.

  2. School sucks. You have quiet a lot of classes, we have classes only from 8 to 1.