Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sickness attack

Hello there. I have been sick from Wednesday till Friday. So I haven't worked on the game. I was throwing up and wasn't able to do more that lying on the bed. OK not of Friday, I was in a better shape then. But I had to make an excuse for not making the game. I planed to release it this weekend but I lost some days back then. I haven't worked today ether. I really have to find a way to get myself to work. I WILL TRY to work on the game tomorrow. Maybe even finish it. I know that I can complete it in around 5-6 hours. But you know how I am. I was more productive in the past.

I also have to say that MW2 is a great game. :D

If someone has an idea why textures aren't blited when I am debugging an game (they are when I run them in their directory), then help me out.

I just remembered and older game from Petri Purho. Try it out if you didn't.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fast little post

Hello there. This will be a quick update. I will post longer tomorrow. Sadly I didn't made the 2 games in the vacations but what did you expect after that lazyness attack. But I started working again. It is going really nice till now. All the main swinging action works.


Really simple graphics for now. The only problem till now is, the leafs are textured when I run the game in its directory. But when I am using the debugger in VS then they are drawn as rectangles. Don't know why. I want to see the textured when debugging. Total work time on project: eeeee ~3 hours. I hope it will be done quickly.

Also a video I made - for CoD fans. HD on YouTube.

Good night.