Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sickness attack

Hello there. I have been sick from Wednesday till Friday. So I haven't worked on the game. I was throwing up and wasn't able to do more that lying on the bed. OK not of Friday, I was in a better shape then. But I had to make an excuse for not making the game. I planed to release it this weekend but I lost some days back then. I haven't worked today ether. I really have to find a way to get myself to work. I WILL TRY to work on the game tomorrow. Maybe even finish it. I know that I can complete it in around 5-6 hours. But you know how I am. I was more productive in the past.

I also have to say that MW2 is a great game. :D

If someone has an idea why textures aren't blited when I am debugging an game (they are when I run them in their directory), then help me out.

I just remembered and older game from Petri Purho. Try it out if you didn't.

1 comment:

  1. Even I was unwell since yesterday. Get well soon man, looking forward to seeing your next game.