Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A little older again

I haven’t posted quite some time so I will post a small update.

On 10th of May I celebrated my 19th birthday. Yeah I am that young/old for those who didn’t know. It was more or less just a normal day with extra chocolates coming in my way.

Not my cake obviously.

I’m currently working on finishing the new course. I decided that I will scrap SDL in favor to SFML which is easier to teach to beginners. So I had to redo everything I had with SFML. I’m using the new 2.0 version. My deadline is somewhere this week and then I will release it to the public. I will still add additional videos once it is online but first I want to publish it when I have the main parts done. I hope that people will like it. I’ll post it here once it is online.

Well as most of you may know it’s May 15th and the Diablo 3 box is standing here on my desk. This is going to take quite some time from me but I hope that I will be able to work on things as normal :) If anyone following my blog is also playing D3, then fell free to contact me in any way and we can play together.

Now back to slaying some monsters, also expect more updates soon.