Friday, February 5, 2010

Pre LAN post

Hello there. It is Friday (yes :D) and I will be starting to pack my computer for the LAN now. So here is a short post.

I completed the saving system, saving, medals and stuff just now. At this rate of development I will hit beta in less than 7 days and the game will be near release. But I won't release an alpha today. There are only 5 levels created (I worked on the core and not on the levels) and it isn't worth it to give an alpha with 5 levels. That means that the first time you will play the game is when I release the full version. Oh well. But if you really really really want to try the alpha, then mail me. I am going to create levels on the LAN in the free time so I hope there will be a lot of levels done. I have not internet there but at home I will check e-mail during the weekend on other computer.

A hard thing I did is text rendering with OpenGL. Why don't they have that in it? I tried like 5 different things written to render text but they didn't work. So after some hours of work I wrote my own. It renders a number. The font is really an image but it works. I am happy that I finally did this font thing.

I got medal

(yay silver medal)

JAHP will go through some testing on the LAN. See you on Sunday.. probably.

Bye and a happy weekend.

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