Friday, August 6, 2010

JAHP - released

And the game released this Friday is: JAHP!

Yes the game I was working on way back. I have chosen to complete it, and here it is.

JAHP in action

JAHP is a "short" hard platformer game. I made it because I like games like (Super) Meat Boy, Jumper series and F(l)ail.

I recommend reading the README before playing. Use A,W,D to move and space as "enter". The game gets really really hard and I don't think someone will take his time to complete it. There are 32 levels to play through and 3 medals per level. The medals don't do anything, it's just to compare your time with mine. I played through all the levels many times, all are beatable.

Made in C++ using OpenGL, SDL and Fmod. The game could be much more better but I am not a level designer so this is all I was able to make :D

I hope you like my new game, leave feedback.


///////Some info for next week:

I am going on vecations tomorrow for a week, so no game next Friday. But I will probably came up with something at the beach.

Have a nice day.

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  1. Sexy freakin game, I'm not gonna lie. I'm jealous of how motivated you are to complete things like this.