Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Project start

Hello everyone. I didn't post anything for a long time. That is because the thing I had last week. I was on a lan party from wednesday to sunday night. 5 days without internet. It was realy nice. So yesterday I started with the project. As I said. And this time I will do it in 1 week. A lot of progress has been done the last 2 days.

First some screenies:

Here I am drawing a circle with the "flare" I kinda like the effect.

Here you can see the "flare circle" collision box. When you draw a circle arround something to pick it up. A collision box is created withing the circle. I just made it visible so it is easier to work with it while programming. Also the amout of particles is so big because I was just drawing a lot of zigzag lines on the whole screen.

Here you can see the line attack. I made a horizontal line and IDK what started to fly up and down. You see that the line isn't realy straigh, that's because everything moves up. Like it is falling from the sky and you are faster that it.

As you can see many things have been done. Manly the important things. The gfx are kind edgy but I kinda like it when everything moves. I will maybe change the player sprite and the coin sprite is .... mario like... oh well :P

Here is what is done:

- Player movement

- Flare drawing

- Circle and line detection including everything included to this feature

- Particle effects

- Coint and picking up coins

- ....... more stuff I dont remember

I need to start on the combo system tomorrow. There is a lot of work on it so I hope it will be good.

Bye for now. 

Monday, June 22, 2009

Official start of vacations

Hello. It is monday and it's 11 AM. Outside it is raining and it is just a perfect day to do something on the computer. I played games for the last 2 weeks and I think I have enough. I completed Diablo 2 on 2 difficulities, played many PSX games, reinstalled Starcraft and many COD... and many thing between. Now it is going to be time to start working on developing. But the first week is alredy full. Ok today I got some time, tomorrow someone needs help but I will probably find some time. Then on wednesday I have to go to school to get my "certificate" and if the weather will be nice we go camping. Then on friday when I come home, there is a LAN party. The party is from wednesday to sunday, but I am camping for 2 days. 

As you can see I have little time this week. But I want to complete the game in 1 week. So I can't start on it today because I can't work on it the whole week. Yep that means that I will start next week. I have nothing else in plan after this week so I will have plenty of time.

Blueberry garden came out last week. I sadly can't play it. I tryed the demo but the game just had an extreme lag on my 1 core computer. Maybe someday when I have a new computer I will play it.

Also Cactus released a new game. And he made it in 3 hours. It is amazing. I played it and loved it. It is just amazing what he makes. Everything is so nice. I also love the gfx. So simple but so great, I wish I could make something like that. Link.

That is all for today. Bye

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hello holidays!

Good day everyone. I havent posted for some time. I have beed playing Diablo 2 a lot. I probably added many hours on my Xfire account. Well but that how it is. And Diablo is just a great game so you realy can't stop play it. 

I realy can't wait for Diablo 3:

Now something about the project. 

First: start date... it isn't going to be tomorrow. Well I think it won't. The holidays are here so I will have enoug time. I will just take the first some days for other things.

Now for some basic info about the game. I still don't have a name for it, so the project name in VS is Skydiver. I will think about the name later. It will be a arcade style game. The gfx are realy retro ( big pixels and simple ). You fall from the sky and try to get the highscore. You get point by collecting things and "destroying" other skydivers. I will probably add many particle effects :D. The interestinh thing is, that for all the actions, you use a "movement patter dettection". Weird name. Basicly when you want, you draw a line with your flare. Then you make a circle arround something to collect it or make a line, that explodes.

Quick picture drawn in paint in 1 minute:

(don't laugh)

This is all I have to say. I will post something tomorrow. Bye. 

Friday, June 12, 2009

Project delayed

Hello everyone. After all these days of no post I have to dissapoint you. I will move the project. This is because I only worked somewhere 3 hours on the project he whole week. Nothing is realy done, only the fraimwork and some little things. I just didn't work on it. The main cause for this is Diablo 2. :P I started with some freinds playing it from start again and well.... I play it too much. Nothing is realy done. 

Now the good news.

I only have 2 more days of school. That is monday and tuesday. I took wednesday, thursday and friday free because I had left school free days. Then I go get my (how is it called??) end year certificate... or whatever... I don't know how it is called. But the thing is that I wll start with the project in these free days. The holidays are almost here and I will have plenty of time to work on games. 

This is how it has happened and how it will be. Project start moved to: ~17. 6. 2009

Sorry people. Bye for now.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Damn it!

I am realy pissed up right now so forgive me about the misstakes I will write in this post or if I will use bad words :P. 

So here is the status.

Today I started on the project. I alredy made the countdown on my site and as you  can see, I have only 6 more days. And very little is done, because today I only had 1 hour time to do something. We were on a visit somewhere and the rest was my brother on. It is realy hard to work if you have a brother and have to share your computer. I also had an argue with my mom. All i said was a "No" but I apparently said it so that she gave me a 1 day computer ban. Damn it!!!!!!!!! And the question that she gave me was about clothes !!!!!! I am realy pissed. That means that tomorrow I probably won't do anything because she will lock up my room. But I will leave the timer as it is, and try to complete the game in the 5 days that will be left. Maybe I will make it.

Nothing else to say. I will go to sleep now and try to cool down.


Friday, June 5, 2009

Me lazy bastard

Yes I am a lazy bastard. I haven't doe anything the whole week. I just keept playing games. But the wish to start on the project is getting bigger. I would like to start today but it is late so I will do something (play games) and then watch a movie. Nothing interesting else to say. Well I wanted to buy a Wii this week on an auction site but someone else took it before me :S. Oh well... I hope that tomorrow I will have some pictures of the game.

Bye for now.

Monday, June 1, 2009

I am back :D

Hello. Yesterday I came from the LAN party but I didn't post anything. I am now posting this from school. I have to say again: these computers are garbage. But hey, you can write in them and make reports in word (if you are lucky and it is instaled). We realy should go to the classroom where there are new computers.

So. The LAN party was a big succes. Now I have to start working on th new project. I just remembered yesterday that I have to do a presentation till tommorow about something that is related with are. I though about presenting google SketchUp, because you can do some nice arty things with it. I will just search the net too se what I can find. If I will make the presentation realy fast ( maybe even here in school ) then I will start working on it.

Did you see the trailer for Cactus new game :P