Saturday, October 2, 2010

School is back, totally!

I thought that I should write something on my blog again, because there is really some lack of information here.

As all of you may know school has started one month ago. Yep the old time sucking "friend" has come back. But this year there is a big difference. This year we actually do interesting computer related stuff like programming, databases (which I never really liked, but hey), in-depth networking in Linux (interesting stuff here) and we are going to have some web building with php. We also get "a lot" of homework at these classes. "A lot" in the meaning from last years nothing. I really like the programming exercises because I can train some older lessons that I nowadays don't really use a lot. But all of this may be an overkill for my schoolmates because we haven't done any programming last year... well just a little bit but it's not worth mentioning. Well, this year is going to be interesting.

Now to some game development. First I have to say that I am disappointed because I didn't made anything in the holidays no matter how much I was saying that I will. Only JAHP was completed but that was an old project. I really hope that I will get something started but I won't promise anything. I think I am in some kind of total creativity stop and laziness attack for quite some time now.

Some other info: I quit Facebook. That thing drains too much time and I really can't stand all the posting everyone does how he is going to go on a toilet.... So the only thing left is Twitter, which I recommend to check more because I post more current info on what I am doing. Post on the blog are only for bigger things.

And I also made a new new site. Something totally not made by me. But just had a nice feel so I made something in 5 minutes. Here it is: site

Well that is all for now. I need to post some pictures here to make the blog more interesting.