Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Slot Robber - A C++ SDL game

So finaly i will post about my first game I made with the SDL library.

So where to start. Yeah the owerview.

- The game is programmed in C++ language
- I used Visual Express C++ to do this
- I used the SDL library. I think this library is the best for programming with graphics, sound, I/O (that stands for Input/output). It uses a really good event system that is realy important for games. I used SDL_mixer for sound, SDL_image for work with .png pictures and SDL_ttf to work with fonts.
- The total time I worked on this project was 7 hours. 5 hours from that ware all for the game: programming, making graphics, doing sounds, testing, AND SEARCHING FOR HELP. The other 2 hours were brakes ( I am lazy ).
- The nicer graphics made my friend

Now to more complex description.

I have been programmiong in C++ for some time, like few months so i tought it shud be good to take the next step. That was graphics. I serched for diffrent libraryes and SDL was the best. And I fount great tutorials. Lazy Foo, he has realy the best tutorials for SDL ( ). After doing the first 11 tuts I was ready for a werry simple game. Lazy Foo sugested something easy to get started with graphics and event handling. So i chosed a slot machine simulation.

So it started. The start was easy. I programmed so all the stuff is rendered on the screen but you cound't do anything.

This is early work in progress. As you can see, the graphics are only blocks because i was concetrated on the engine.

Here is the finished game with my graphics. They warent anything special but it was good for me.

And this is the final product. I gave the game to a friend who works with photoshop and this is what came out. It looks realy great. So big thanks for this. :P:P

I was also werry lazy when making this. Because those 7 hours of work happened in 2 weeks. Yep i needed 2 weeks for this. This is not what i want.

I will end this post here. I will probably post how the game is programmed - which thing did I made good and where did I mess up (u can see that when you play it). But this is for now because it took long enough to write this.

Here is the link for the game: 

I am now starting on my new project. :D:D

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