Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday experiments (New idea)

I came up a with a good idea ( I think ). From now on, every monday I will post something experimental that I programmed. It won't be something special but also not something totaly lame (or maybe it will be ). The idea camed when I was in school having computer lessons. As I mentioned before I am programming because I asked the teacher if I can and the other students need to do Word (LAMEE).

So today I got a exercise to do something with statements, loops. Because I made a Guess the Number game in 15 minutes I had like 3 more hours to do something else. So I tried to make a algorithm that draws a rectangle based on the numbers you input.

The programm isn't anything special because I made it in 5 minutes but I will post it because it looks nice.

Here is the code (it is in a picture, because this f****n blog doesn't support code.

And here are some pictures of programm in action.

Read me tomorow.

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