Sunday, December 14, 2008

Now I am angry

Well it is Sunday, 6 AM and I didn't make any progress in my new game project. In the whole weekend I did absolutly nothing. I am so angry because of that. What are my excuses. Well:

Sunday: Today I was setting up a new compuer (well it is an old one). My father brough home a old monitor. So I took the old computer that was standing somewhere all the unused parts and modified the computer. I even needed to take something from my computer. All of this took me somewhere 5 hours ( I also needed to install a frest copy of windows) so I think this is a good excuse.

Saturday: Well I was sick. This is mora a notexcuse thatn a excuse because if you are sick, then all you can really do is ist behing a computer and do something. But i was really lame soo.. nothing was done.

Friday: I have no excuse here. My total lazyness beaten me and I spend the whole day playing Maple Story (this game realy is a drug, you cannot stop playing it, so don't start playing it).

Today I won't start on the project because I have enough of the computer. I really hope I will start doing something tomorow. Wish me luck.

I am sorry if i disappointed someone because of my lazyness. So I will really start tomorow. I hope.

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