Monday, December 8, 2008

Progress in school and my lazyness

Today I didn't make any progress in programming at home because finaly today the postman comed to me and game me ..... GTA 4. So yea, I needed to play it :D

But I made some progress in school. We had computer science (or howerer that is called in english) and we usualy do things in Word, Power Point and that (lol) (oh yea, i forgot. I am going to the first year in Middle school (i think that how it is called) for computer technician, and we don't start programming until next year.) But my teacher asked us if anyone is programming so i said I do. So he gave me some C++ practices to see how good I am. I was really happy, because i didn't haved to do those booring Word.

Big progress in school:!:!:!

And if you want to know what programm I made:
It is a simple programm with it, you can calculate surface and the O of a rectangle. You also have a option to randomly generate a rectangle (WOOO, how nice :P)

Command prompt rulz

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