Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Battle Pong progress: Day 1

Well today I did somethong on the game. I whrote some functions, did some basic graphics and some more stuff. I wrote the code so it displays 2 pong ( if it is that how it is called ) and the ball, but I will delete this code because it will not work with the whole game. I just made it, soo that you can see some progress. Here is a picture of me in action. :P
I need to say this again. But making those 4 headers and 6 cpp files to work and link succesfuly I lost like 1.5 hours. I still don't really get it but it works.

I think I made the pongs a good size. The 2 on the bottom and up will be little longer because they have more space to watch.

Tommorow I probably won't do anything because it is the day before christmas and the next day also. I have enoug time later.

Blog you tommorow.

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