Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hello.... people! Posmoterm :D

Well a some kind of post. I didn't post anything the last 2 days ( I think ), soo I will write something now ( please can someone tell me how it is writen: so / soo ??) :P

I released Me and my shadow before 2 day. It has got many diffrent opinions. I still need to post it on but I kinda know how people will react. It is interesing. Mainly it is my fault because I made the control scheme of the Shadow far too less explained. People didn't know how to play right and some didn't make it throug the 2nd level. I also posted a guide video for some first levels on YouTube. It helped some people soo I will post it here.

Now for some postmoterm info.

Tha game development took somewhere 1 month. A little less. You can see that by the date I posted the first post about starting the project. I am happy with the time because I month isn't that much.

Total time spend on the project: 33 hours. That is not much. It is a lot less then Space Invaders Versus. Probably because I used advanced C++ thing and did faster and better coding. I am happy. Maybe 33 hours in month sound little, but I didn't worked on the project a lot and I also didn't get bored.

This is how Timelog looks like now. :P

I won't count the lines of code it isn't soo important. But I think it is less the previos project.

Learned a lot

I learned polymorish, inheriance and friendship... and some other concept. I was also able to eficienlty (lool, you know what I want to say :P ) code all than. It brought me lot of experiance. I noticed that I also code much faster now. 

I also lerned a lot when I was adding fonts. I did that before but now it didn't want to work. I posted a post about it and I war realy angry at that moment. I learned the following: never ever try to load an SDL surface from an file in a object constructor!!! It doesn't work, depending on how it was consturcted. But 100% not in a vector. That is what I have to say to that.

And well that it what I have to say to this project. All in one, it was and interesting project to work on and even more interesting to see how people will react to it.

Future plans

I am currently trying to ge a good game idea. I will probably use the "Game name generator" to generate a name for the game and then make a game from it. Whatever it will be, I will try to make it more arcade stlyle and simple. I will also try to finnish it in 1 week. Yeah "A game a week". I will give it a try. But it will be simple. I will probably also implement Box2D. I realy want to learn it so I can use physics and all. That will be fun. I also have to learn OpenGL. Because could see in Me and my shadow that the fading effect was very lagy. I need to find some good image loading and bliting tut for OpenGL  ( NeHe's probably ).

Bye for now. 


  1. "so"

    It looks like you're learning a lot! It's good that you taught yourself polymorphism, because it'll really open up the doors to more complex (and better) code.

    I can't wait to see what's next.

  2. so you learn c++ from game development? taking a harder course from advanced stuff to basics (polymorphism, friendship, inheritance)? :D anyway, can't wait for new stuff :)

  3. Well I learn something and the use it in the project. That way I can test my new knowlage.