Sunday, May 10, 2009

Project update and my birthday

Yep it is my birthday. I turned 16 today. In our country becoming 16 isn't anything special like somewhere where it is IDK what to be 16. Like "My sweet 16" ????. 

And here some update on the game. I havent done much but a lot is alredy done. Here are some screens:

Just some random stuff I did. You can also see here how the shadow is helping you to get on higher places.

Here I just tryed to do some fancy level to try. It look booring with only 1 tile but it is realy easy to add more tiles soo the next days will be adding diffrent tiles with diffrent properties and some active tiles ( switches ).

Most of the gameplay works: platforming, shadow, level editing. Now it is time to add elements. The camera and stuff alredy works but because I made the level editor a big window ( for easyer level making ) you can't see it in action. The game widndow is smaller. 

Bye for now.