Friday, April 3, 2009

Space Invaders Versus

It is finaly done. I just finished it before 15 minutes. It is done. The last hour has been a total pain in the ass as I was optimizing all the thing and my school mates were needing me at the MSN it was realy stresfull. But it is done. I have recorded the last 6 hours of devoplent so that will be on youtube tomorrow. I wont make this post long because I am totaly stressed and soo I will let the pictures and the link do the work. Invaders Versus.exe

The menu

2 player mode

The Versus mode

The Instructions screen with highscore in level.

I will post the game on gameDEV tomorrow.

All I need to say that this project has totaly drainem my energy. It got totaly booring in a part because all I was doing was the same stuf. So I decided to stop making remakes for some time. From now on it is a totaly new idea from me. A real indie game.

I also need to say that I learned a lot lot lot from this project and can't wait to start on my totaly indie game in few days. No not tomorrow but maybe a brief start on Sunday. I will also make the project less complex but more interesting so I won't get bored.

Here is the link again. Please give feedback. Invaders Versus.exe

Bye :D


  1. Just downloaded it... Great work!

  2. Nice work. Your blog is really helpful

  3. Replies
    1. You can find it on
      But the code is old and buggy, I would not recommend it.