Thursday, April 30, 2009

Me and my shadow

Me and my shadow

Yep that is the name of my next project. I drawed something on my sketchbook and chosen that I will use it as intro. Well I will need to edit it. But yea, this is the project.

Not to give you soma basic info. 

The game is a puzzle platformer. So you go arround solving puzzles. The main thing in the game is, that you work together with you shadow. (There is no 2 players, the game is singleplayer). Your shadow helps you solve diffrent puzzles or you have to help you shadow to solve something.  I alredy have some basic moves in my head in what you will be able to do. The game is effected by the next games: Braid ( the shadow world ) and  WIMH ( Where is my heart ).

I will post more updates of the game idea when I will be making them.

Today I worked on the level editor which is a essential part fort the game. Because the main thing will be the levels. Today I made following: object deletion, saving, and loading levels, grid. That means the editor is done. So now comes the platformer part. I am a little affraid how the gravity and all will work because I have bad experiances from Game Maker with platformers.

Here is the level editor. ( Level made with bricks. ) lol



  1. That's a cool game idea. So will you control your shadow, or will it act partly on it's own? Did you ever play Zelda: a Link to the Past? There were some enemies that mirrored all your movements. It was pretty interesting, since the map was asymmetrical, so you could get an advantage by making it run into walls.

  2. You won't control the shadow it will move itself. You will see it is interesting. Yea I played all the Zelda games. It is one of my favourite games :P

  3. Hey that vid wasnt spam it was shadow physics game :)