Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Summer break over

Yep I am back. I took a 2 week ( more ) break from programming. I have just been doing anything else I found. I have holidays now but the first 3 days of it was party and all that stuff so I havent worked on anything. I did go through the level editor tutorials I have some knowlage how it needs to be builded. 

Yea it wont look like this but still. 

So today I will start on my new project. The first thing I am going to do is a Object based level editor. I only saw some stuff on how it should be made so my head will probably hurt me later this day. I hope I will complete it and that it will work fine. 

A lot has happened in those 2 weeks. The "A game A week" guy named swarmer is trying to finish his game and he has only few days left. I hope he will make it. A lot of indie games came out and Dyson got an update. :P

Keep you updated. :D

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