Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Battle Pong progress: Day 2

As I said I did some work today on my project. It took me a while to do something, because I was playing games, but at the end I really did something. So today those thing were done:

- The things are now displayed as they shud be. (With their functions)
- I have done the movement for all the pongs. The keys are hardcoded, I don't know if the player will be able to change them, but this doesn't matter now.
- The ball moves now. The movement works really nice.
- I have done some collision with the ball and the pongs but it doesn't work. I don't know what is the problem, I will need to experiment a bit in the following days. Here is a picture:

(I am sorry for the double desktop I didn't see that.)

Soo blog you after new year.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Back from gamming

Well. LAN party was a succes and we played Call of Duty 2 most of the time. Far Cry 2 is also a great LAN game, even if singleplayer sucks.
Here is a picture of a LAN party. ( NOT OURS ). We were only 20 people, but it is still great.

So back to work

Well. Hopefully I will start working on my project tommorow. I hope. One thing I need to say is that I misscalculated on how much time I have in this holidays. I only have 1 week left, little less. So I probably won't finnish all those extrass in these hollidays. But I will complete it.

Blog you tommorow.

Friday, December 26, 2008

LAN party

So it is time for LAN Party. It will start in a few hours and last the whole weekend. So I won't do anything on the game and I won't post anything because there we don't have internet acces. Playing games all the time.

Soo blog you on monday. Have a nice weekend.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Good wishes

This post is going to be short.

I wish you all a merry christmas. Lots of happines and good things for the next days.

Here are some nice pictures I found.

Have a nice day and blog you tommorow.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Battle Pong progress: Day 1

Well today I did somethong on the game. I whrote some functions, did some basic graphics and some more stuff. I wrote the code so it displays 2 pong ( if it is that how it is called ) and the ball, but I will delete this code because it will not work with the whole game. I just made it, soo that you can see some progress. Here is a picture of me in action. :P
I need to say this again. But making those 4 headers and 6 cpp files to work and link succesfuly I lost like 1.5 hours. I still don't really get it but it works.

I think I made the pongs a good size. The 2 on the bottom and up will be little longer because they have more space to watch.

Tommorow I probably won't do anything because it is the day before christmas and the next day also. I have enoug time later.

Blog you tommorow.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas spirit

Well christmas is in 3 days ( well 2 and 1 night ) and this year we set-up the tree earlier. It looks really nice. Today I havend worked anything on pong but I did something with project Cheat homework: binary calculator. It is a simple nice console programm that will be used to calculate numbers into binary. How nice.

A picture of a nice tree.

I was found some good programmer jokes. Here are some:

How many programers dose it take to change a light bulb?
None - It’s a hardare problem

Q. How did the programmer die in the shower?
A. He read the shampoo bottle instructions: Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

“Knock, knock.”
“Who’s there?”
very long pause….

Q:Why does God allow evil to happen?
A:God thought He eliminated evil in one of the earlier versions.

Q:How can I protect myself from evil?
A:Change your password every month and don't make it a name, a common word, your phone number, or a date than can be easily associated with you, like your birth date.

Blog you tommorow.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

New project: Battle Pong

Finaly, I can post something about this big new project that I talk about for 2 weeks. Now finaly I started on it.

First of all the concept.
I want to make a game that can be played by 4 player. The original pong was played by 2 players. That is because, at school it is funny to play a game between the brakes with 4 players.

So today I started coding. I made a decision that I will code in multilple source files because allredy with "Slot Robber" it was sometimes hard to find a piece of code and change it because it was in 1 cpp file. And let me say this, using multiple source files is a pain in the ass. I really don't know why it has to be so complicated with headers and all. Couldn't it just be that you whrite something and then there is the cope pasted from a other file. I had the tutorial and the site the whole time open when I was doing this, because it was really hard. Well I will get used to it because projects will only get bigger.

I don't have any pictures to post because till now it is only code. So here is a "picture" drawed in paint how it will probably look like ( i think ), but I will probaly change a lot.

That is how the most basic thing that need to be done. I will probably make a menu to chose 2 or 4 players. I hope I will implement a particle engine so it will sparkle behind the ball and maybe some powerups. But that is all extras.

Tommorow I will probably post some images of things done.

The timeline in which I want to finish to complete this game.
It is 5.1.2009, that is when holidays are over and school is back. The holidays begin in 3 days so (Chrismas) so I will have over 2 weeks to finish this. That is a lot of time if I will work like I shud. So probably all those extrass will be implemented and more.

Blog you tommorow.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Here comes Linux

So. For the previous 4 hours I have been setting up Linux. I have have done this because, when I am on Linux then I cannot play games, so I will keep focused on programming. So some info.
- I have installed Ubuntu linux
- I set up Beryl Compiz.
- All main thing work
- Now I am installing C++ compiler.
- Tomorow I will set up SDL.
- Then we get to work.

Here is a picture of me playing on my desktop.

Blog you tommorow.

I am back

So it is saturday and I havent made any post since monday. That is not good, but I wasn't able to get on my computer the last 2 days (Friday and Thursday). There was something to do. The other days I was playing Prince of Persia. I must say it is a great game and you shud try it.

I will (I HOPE) post something about the new project today in somewhere to the night or tomorow. I need ot start on it. Wish me luck.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday experiments (New idea)

I came up a with a good idea ( I think ). From now on, every monday I will post something experimental that I programmed. It won't be something special but also not something totaly lame (or maybe it will be ). The idea camed when I was in school having computer lessons. As I mentioned before I am programming because I asked the teacher if I can and the other students need to do Word (LAMEE).

So today I got a exercise to do something with statements, loops. Because I made a Guess the Number game in 15 minutes I had like 3 more hours to do something else. So I tried to make a algorithm that draws a rectangle based on the numbers you input.

The programm isn't anything special because I made it in 5 minutes but I will post it because it looks nice.

Here is the code (it is in a picture, because this f****n blog doesn't support code.

And here are some pictures of programm in action.

Read me tomorow.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Now I am angry

Well it is Sunday, 6 AM and I didn't make any progress in my new game project. In the whole weekend I did absolutly nothing. I am so angry because of that. What are my excuses. Well:

Sunday: Today I was setting up a new compuer (well it is an old one). My father brough home a old monitor. So I took the old computer that was standing somewhere all the unused parts and modified the computer. I even needed to take something from my computer. All of this took me somewhere 5 hours ( I also needed to install a frest copy of windows) so I think this is a good excuse.

Saturday: Well I was sick. This is mora a notexcuse thatn a excuse because if you are sick, then all you can really do is ist behing a computer and do something. But i was really lame soo.. nothing was done.

Friday: I have no excuse here. My total lazyness beaten me and I spend the whole day playing Maple Story (this game realy is a drug, you cannot stop playing it, so don't start playing it).

Today I won't start on the project because I have enough of the computer. I really hope I will start doing something tomorow. Wish me luck.

I am sorry if i disappointed someone because of my lazyness. So I will really start tomorow. I hope.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Slot Robber - What went right, what went wrong

Now it is time to make the famouse post that every game developer makes - the right and wrong stuff in my code.

Because this was my werry first game in SDL and the evnt handling and many thing ware new to me I made manny mistakes. So let's count them down (most of them).

1. The biggest mistake at a game.
First let me tell you how a game is made ( well the code ). As the code goes it goes through a process called event handling. That is where all the input from the keyboard and mouse are handled. Then the logic comes in, and on the end enything is rendered on the screen. So shown in a simple way it loosk like this:

while ( theGameIsRunning )
hande_events; //Here all the events are handled
do_logic; //Here the logic takes care of that what the user wanted to do by input
render_all; //Then it shows all ot the things on the screen

And this loops as long the game runs. It shows really nice that the game does all of these thing all the time, nothing of these important steps is let out.

But because my lack of experiance and knowlage I programmed my game a other way. This is how my game looked like:

while ( theGameIsRunning )
if (handle_events)
while (there_is_logic_to_do)

In my game as you can see, the game waits for a event to hand (the user clicks on a button). Then, according to the button that was pressed does all the logic (in my game that was change the slots, and adding money) and render all that while it does the logic. But because the logic parts ware long and it needed to change the slots many times - so it didn't hande event while doing it. That is why while the game is changing slots, you cannot: exit the game, move ste windows on the screen. All those events happened after the logic was done.

So that is the big mistake. I hope i won't do it in my next game because it will be fatal (it is a real timer)

2. Hmm well. There aren't many thing to put out in a game that small. Well the music is a BIG file.

Now for some good things:

1. Werry important: I completed my first game

This is good because many people don't finish a game that they start. It is good for the morale to finish it and you will be happy.

2. I learned a lot of things through the process. I searched a lot on the internet, through the documentation and found interesting things that you don't find in tutorials.

3. The game was accepted my other people even if it was totaly simple. This gave me additional boost for further work.

Well here I end my post. And i won't probably whrite anything new for this game because I whrote anything I could without beeing too much booring.

The link againg:

Now let's start on my new project. :D

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Slot Robber - A C++ SDL game

So finaly i will post about my first game I made with the SDL library.

So where to start. Yeah the owerview.

- The game is programmed in C++ language
- I used Visual Express C++ to do this
- I used the SDL library. I think this library is the best for programming with graphics, sound, I/O (that stands for Input/output). It uses a really good event system that is realy important for games. I used SDL_mixer for sound, SDL_image for work with .png pictures and SDL_ttf to work with fonts.
- The total time I worked on this project was 7 hours. 5 hours from that ware all for the game: programming, making graphics, doing sounds, testing, AND SEARCHING FOR HELP. The other 2 hours were brakes ( I am lazy ).
- The nicer graphics made my friend

Now to more complex description.

I have been programmiong in C++ for some time, like few months so i tought it shud be good to take the next step. That was graphics. I serched for diffrent libraryes and SDL was the best. And I fount great tutorials. Lazy Foo, he has realy the best tutorials for SDL ( http://lazyfoo.net/index.php ). After doing the first 11 tuts I was ready for a werry simple game. Lazy Foo sugested something easy to get started with graphics and event handling. So i chosed a slot machine simulation.

So it started. The start was easy. I programmed so all the stuff is rendered on the screen but you cound't do anything.

This is early work in progress. As you can see, the graphics are only blocks because i was concetrated on the engine.

Here is the finished game with my graphics. They warent anything special but it was good for me.

And this is the final product. I gave the game to a friend who works with photoshop and this is what came out. It looks realy great. So big thanks for this. :P:P

I was also werry lazy when making this. Because those 7 hours of work happened in 2 weeks. Yep i needed 2 weeks for this. This is not what i want.

I will end this post here. I will probably post how the game is programmed - which thing did I made good and where did I mess up (u can see that when you play it). But this is for now because it took long enough to write this.

Here is the link for the game:

I am now starting on my new project. :D:D

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gordon Freeman is alive

I KNOW this post is stupid but I just had to post this. Everyone knows Half - Life, and how it began... with a crazy experiment. So here we go REAL LIFE.

Oh jeah. The picture isn't photoshoped it is real.

Later today I wil post about my game that I made so I will finaly post something about my development.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Progress in school and my lazyness

Today I didn't make any progress in programming at home because finaly today the postman comed to me and game me ..... GTA 4. So yea, I needed to play it :D

But I made some progress in school. We had computer science (or howerer that is called in english) and we usualy do things in Word, Power Point and that (lol) (oh yea, i forgot. I am going to the first year in Middle school (i think that how it is called) for computer technician, and we don't start programming until next year.) But my teacher asked us if anyone is programming so i said I do. So he gave me some C++ practices to see how good I am. I was really happy, because i didn't haved to do those booring Word.

Big progress in school:!:!:!

And if you want to know what programm I made:
It is a simple programm with it, you can calculate surface and the O of a rectangle. You also have a option to randomly generate a rectangle (WOOO, how nice :P)

Command prompt rulz

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I am a programmer . . . Am I??

Hmm am I???
Well I started this blog because I am a member on GameDev (http://www.gamedev.net) and they have the option to myke your game development journal. Afcorse you need to be a premium member to do this. So I yust made a blog about it because it is freee.

Next thing.
I don't think I am a programmer because I yust started programming. Well not started, I know much alredy and alredy made a game (if you can call it a GAME) soooo. . . . i think I am on a good way.

My next post will probably be about the game I alredy made and my next BIG project. Se ya soon