Saturday, October 20, 2012

Many changes

Let's address some changes that have happened in the past month.

The move and school

I moved to the city at the end of September. And till now it’s been great.

School is also going good, we will see how it will be in the future. Mathematics is going to be hard despite the fact that I always enjoyed math. Well and that is basically is. I don’t really have anything to say on this topic.


It’s hard to stay focused on my projects right now, school is taking me quite some time. There are always some exercises that I have to do, or seminars, or just plain learning. When I don’t do stuff for school I do something more relaxing, like playing games, guitar or going out. I haven’t worked on the framework for ages. I have to get into the new rhythm. The framework in the main project now, games will come after that (I hope).

I am also thinking about some new side activities. I am thinking about making a new blog for ‘writing’. Stuff that isn’t connected with computing, game development and stuff. Just some random word ramble. I’ll see. I am also trying to get into pixel art. Everything depends on how much time I have.

I’m also in the process of organizing all my previous work. I already sorted all my previous school stuff, and now it’s time to sort my projects. I have to check the source of all projects, clean all the useless stuff that IDEs make that isn’t really required, etc. There are a lot of small projects that need cleaning.

And that’s it for now. I just wanted to post some information here. Bye

Friday, September 7, 2012

Some general new information

Hello again. This is just going to be a short post with some information and a new video.

Last two months

I actually tell this in the video already, but my blog is primary, so here it goes again.

For the last two months I have been doing completely nothing computer/programming based. July and August are a games only month for me on the computer, at least for the past few years. I am not proud of it, but my roots are still in the gaming community, and I enjoy every moment. Nothing else really to say here, so for fun I will just give you this summers game check list: completed Sleeping Dogs, lots of La-Mulana, got from zero to max level in Age of Empires Online, replayed all Half-Lives (except 1, waiting for Black Mesa) with the crazy achievements, lots of TF2 and Diablo 3, got to complete Beyond Good & Evil, and played a lot of other games like CoH, Dota2, L4D2, Mount & Blade, Deponia, + random stuff.

Also I’m always open for online play, so feel free to contact me for a game :)

Free course

As I said before, the course on Udemy will be free sometime in the future and I won’t talk about it until it does. And now it’s the time. If you wanted to take the course but didn’t want to pay for it then check it out here for free

Current plans

I’m currently working on a new framework. I’m combining all the lessons I learned from before to make a final framework that I can use to develop games. The “framework” uses SDL, SDL_Image, OpenGL, FTGL, Freetype2, irrKlang, Box2D and GLEW. I’m not planning to add networking (never did any networking) or a scripting language like LUA. It’s going to be modulated, so you will be able to select what you want to use, and still have decent features. I’m going to put it on GitHub when it’s ready.

So that is about it for this post. Here is the video where I talked about this really quick.

Bye for now.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

School Jumper

It’s time that I release this to the public.


About the development

The game was made for my school’s final exam or finals. I had to create something that would show what I learned in the past 4 years in IT. So naturally I decided to make a game, because I love to make them.

I’m not sure how long it took me to develop the game, since I don’t track the time I spend on something anymore. But I will say about a month to two of passive development. Meaning I was on and off the project. The total lines of code is around 2000, but that’s just numbers, it doesn’t matter.

I lost interest in the development really fast with this one, because it wasn’t really something I wanted to make, I just had to make it and I wanted to make it really simple. So I just went for a simple platformer.

But the project has 2 things I never done before. First is a somewhat solid animation for the main character and the other is a much nicer level editor than any before. You still have to scroll through the objects but with a right click you get a menu, where you can nicely save, load and test the level. You still have to manually add the level in a text file if you want to use it in the main game, but I’m OK with that.

This is also the first time I used irrKlang. It’s a really solid sound library and I prefer it over FMOD for my needs. I’m not sure but maybe I also used FTGL for the first time, which is a font rendering library for OpenGL, which uses Freetype2.


The game has two download options so choose yours:

Download 1 is an setup I made for easier use. You will need administrator rights to install it and it also comes with Visual C++ Redistributable which you need to run the game.

Download 2 in a standard zip file containing the game. No setup required. You will probably prefer this one.

Download 1

Download 2


The source code

I also GPL-ed the code and published it on GitHub. The assets are under Creative Commons BY-SA license. So if you want to modify the game go ahead and try it out. Or just use the code for some project.

GitHub page

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

About the course, school, videos, life and other stuff

I’m writing this for the 2nd time today. It was already done but then Live Writer crashed on me. Here we go again.

Let’s talk personal.

The first thing I want to say is that I finished school. I’m now officially a “Computer technician”. I still haven’t used that title anywhere, but I hope I will someday. It feels great that after 4 years I have finally finished the school. Come to think about it, I started this blog when I started with the school. So this is something of a milestone to me. When I’m reading my first posts I almost have to laugh every time. Not only how my grammar and pronunciation looks like, but also about what and how I was writing. It brings back many memories of when I was younger and had a totally different mind set but similar goals like now. All I have to say is that I have come a long way, and a longer path is still before me.


In Fall I will continue my quest with education. I’m going to an IT university where I will try to improve myself. I’m already accepted in the school and have a “check in” next week. The program will last 3 years, so that could be like the next milestone. The new school also means that I’m going to move to a city. I will live there during the week and probably come home during the weekend. I’m probably going into public student homes but it’s not settled yet. It will be a big change in life and I hope it will be fun and interesting.

So that’s some personal things, let’s go to the projects.

Well I can’t really say I have done much in the past month or so, but there are some things.


The course on Udemy is now finished. It was a different experience than YouTube. I made all the videos I wanted the course to have so now I’m just commenting and helping others on the course. I had to drop the price of the course many times. With the starting 19$ to 9$ and a few days later to 4$. It’s like that for over a month now and I will leave it like that. Considering that Udemy recommended me to price it 10$ for every hour of content (The course had over 3 hours of content), that’s a huge pricing difference. My course is probably the cheapest (except the free ones) on their site and it’s kind of weird seeing some courses get away with less content and quite higher prices. But that’s just how it is. The main thing is that 30 subscribers have learned something from it. And I made 80$, which I’m really happy about. If you are still interested in the course then you can find it here. I will not post about it anymore until I decide to make it free, which may be later this year.


While I was working on the course and finishing school I was also uploading some older videos. They came from an abandoned Udemy course. At first it was about SDL but the I switched to SFML and that left me with 7 videos. I decided that they still may be useful to someone so I uploaded them to my channel. The playlist is here and here is the first videos in the series:

Keep in mind that I won’t continue this series of videos.

Now let’s talk some future plans.

One of the first things I’m going to do is release and open-source the game I made for my school finals. It’s nothing special, the gameplay is something like “Me and My Shadow” but without the shadow. I will make a separate post about it so I can include it on the “Project” page, which is on the top right if you didn’t notice :)

I’m also planning on open-sourcing all of my games. They will all be published on my GitHub. All the images and sound will be under the Creative Commons BY-SA license and the code will be under GPLv3. All this basically means that you can use the code for your projects or just modify and improve the game as long as you don’t make it commercial. Meaning that you make money from it. I made everything in my spare time for free and now I’m giving it away and I don’t want that someone makes money from it. I hope this makes sense.


I also want to bring more stuff to this blog. Even though I say this every holiday and every start of a new year. I will really try. Because a few posts every few months is too little. Some of my favorite blogs went down (well they are still online) because no one posts anything. I don’t want the same to happen here. This is after all my personal blog where I can see what I was doing and when. And many posts help. The problem is I don’t know exactly what to post about. So please give some advices or wishes in the comments or email me.

So that’s about it for this post. Expect a new post in a few days with the game, and then with more stuff. Have a nice day.

Friday, June 8, 2012

A new course and some additional information

Hello everyone. My new course is now public and I have some general information.

The new course is done. Now the first thing I have to say is that it’s a paid course. It costs 9$ to buy (it was 19$ at the start) and once you buy it you get full access to it forever. If you don’t like it there is a 30 day money back guarantee. The course is about C++ game development using SFML. It’s structured into learning parts of SFML first (window, graphics, sound) and then we actually create a simple game. There is currently over 3 hours of content and more is coming. So if anyone is interested, take a look here, check out the free introduction video and then if you want you can buy the course and support me.

Now the course is a side project of mine and it should be completed in June. I was contacted by the Udemy team and I just tried it to see if I can make some money from it, because that really helps. Here is a video on YouTube where I made the announcement:

I hope the video was helpful.

Now to some general information. I’m currently finishing my school. I have finals tomorrow and in the following 2 weeks so that takes away quite some time. In the last month I was busy with school, getting the course ready and playing Diablo 3. I also haven’t found the time to make games or do any other programming but I hope this changes once I get the school out of the way. After that summer break starts and I will try to find the time to post more on the blog, make more videos and make games. I’m also searching for a summer job. I’m trying to find something computer related, but we will see how it goes. Here is a second video I did containing some general information:

I hope this gave you all an idea what I was doing and some plans for the future. Have a good day :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A little older again

I haven’t posted quite some time so I will post a small update.

On 10th of May I celebrated my 19th birthday. Yeah I am that young/old for those who didn’t know. It was more or less just a normal day with extra chocolates coming in my way.

Not my cake obviously.

I’m currently working on finishing the new course. I decided that I will scrap SDL in favor to SFML which is easier to teach to beginners. So I had to redo everything I had with SFML. I’m using the new 2.0 version. My deadline is somewhere this week and then I will release it to the public. I will still add additional videos once it is online but first I want to publish it when I have the main parts done. I hope that people will like it. I’ll post it here once it is online.

Well as most of you may know it’s May 15th and the Diablo 3 box is standing here on my desk. This is going to take quite some time from me but I hope that I will be able to work on things as normal :) If anyone following my blog is also playing D3, then fell free to contact me in any way and we can play together.

Now back to slaying some monsters, also expect more updates soon.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Some new small games in development

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A new video was released where you can see them in action, but let’s talk “business”.

I will try to be short in this post. As I said before I’m working on the documentation as always. I have to finish it this weekend so I hope that I won’t have to mention in again. I hate it.

The two new games are Deep Green and Vuzball!. Vuzball is a game I made in a day and now I’m just adding some final touches so that it’s fun to play. It’s a simple clone of another game and it was just something I did for fun.

I already posted the code on GitHub. It’s a quite ugly code so don’t expect much from it.

The other project is Deep Green. It’s a game that I have worked on some time ago and I decided to finish it. I ported the whole thing from the old quick code to my box2d “framework” and now it works even better. I’ll try to make something out of this one but you never know.

So that’s about it for this post. Now off to work on the documentation.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A successful weekend

A year has passed and we have visited our capital city to participate in the programming tournament again.

The tournament was held on Saturday in Ljubljana at the institute of Jožef Štefan (IJS). Our school organized the trip and we arrived there sometime in the morning. The competition started at 10 AM till 1 PM. There ware 4 groups as always: 3 difficulty stages where you had to solve tasks with programming and 1 group where you had to build a website.

I joined the 2nd group of programmers. It isn’t the hardest one but we didn’t have any real preparations for the tournament so it was better that I went into the 2nd group. We had to solve 5 problems using any of the more known languages (C,C++, Python, Java, C#, …). The website team had to build a pong game out of basic HTML using divs and JavaScript.

After the competition ended we had to wait till later for the results. A few talks were held to shorten the wait time.

The results (Slovenian link) were in and I was 4th with 86 points out of 100. I’m really happy with that. I won an 60 GB SSD drive and I plan to switch my OS drive today. A friend of mine (Vito Meznarič (Slovenian blog)) was 1st in website development.

I would call that a successful day.

In other news: I made a new video log few days ago and haven’t posted it here yet. Sometime it takes some days for me to post…


For those who are not in the mood to watch the video, here is a picture of the current state of my small Box2D framework.


I added collision sensors, filtering and ignoring into it. Most of the framework is done I only have to fix some rendering things and maybe add joins but I don’t think that I will need them so I probably won’t add them yet.

And that is all for this post.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Working on the new project

Hello, I haven’t posted for quite some time now so I think it’s time that I update the situation.

First let’s go through what I have been working on for the past 2 weeks. Well one of the bigger changes is that I started learning playing the guitar. Yeah, I got myself a guitar and now I spend at least an hour a day practicing. When I started last week I was practicing even more so I didn’t put much time into other things. But now I just settled on a “fixed” schedule so I can work on other things. I hope I’ll stick with it because I really want to learn it.

I also finished my school project “School Jumper”. I released it for my school class for testing and already made a new version fixing some bugs. I also found a mistake that I was doing from the day I started with OpenGL. I thought that using images for textures with a resolution different than the power of 2 was totally OK. But as testing showed it was not. Some graphics cards did not support those texture resolution and the result was that the users only saw white squares. This is a problem that appeared already in Squared Shooter and every other game that came after it. Back then I thought that it was a driver problem but now I know that it isn’t. So from now on I’ll only stick to the default (16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, …) resolutions.

“School Jumper” isn’t really interesting. I was getting bored with it early but it had to be done. But it’s a small little time waster. I’ll wait some time before I release it here because some changes might happen but it probably won’t take long. I’ll also make a Linux port when I will find the time. I will release the source code after my project it graded so it will be free to use. Expect the source code around end of May or something like that.


The main focus currently is on the “documentation” of the game/project. I have to write it and post it till April 14th and I still have a lot to do. It’s a pain to write it but it has to be done.

The other big thing currently is working on the new project. I’m learning Box2D for it and I’m writing myself a really small framework for easy creation and handling of complex shapes and things like that. I still have to look up some things but Box2D is really an awesome framework. But it also changes the way you handle moving, collision and rendering so it takes some time to getting used to it. I also switched from orthographic OpenGL to normal OpenGL so everything is a little different now and takes time to properly understand it.

And that is all for now. I also haven’t made any new videos so I will try to make an interesting test with Box2D and make a video with it so that you can see what it looks like. Maybe even today, but who knows.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Video log #3

No fancy post names. It is what it is: a new video log!

Well it does look like I missed the Wednesday upload date but now it’s here. I’m kind of lazy these days and don’t work that much. Who knows why. I’m probably in some creative block state or in super lazy mode. I’ll try to change that as soon as possible.

I just show the projects I have been working on these days. The game is almost finished. I implemented the instructions screen while the video was uploading which leaves just the levels. I’ll try to make the game at least 20-30 levels long so that it has some play time (more than 10 minutes). The OpenGL demo might seam silly for some, but I never really got into true 3D with perspectives, triangles only, no orthos and some silly lighting. Also as I said don’t expect 3D games.

Now that the game is almost finished and I’ll start writing the documentation. I hope that won’t kill me because I hate writing it. I’ll also start recording new videos for the course so that I can get it public in a month or so.

And that is all for this post.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Holidays over

And I am back. If you haven’t noticed I was kind of away last week. We had holidays and I totally took that time to take a break. Even if I planned other things.

A quick week

The week passed really quickly. I planned to finish the project during the holidays and maybe start on something else but it turned out I took a full vacation from everything. I also wasn’t home a few days so that makes even less time to work. So let’s just say that nothing was done that week even though I have learned some new OpenGL things but that doesn’t really count.

It’s Wednesday again and it seams that a new log will come out today. They more or less look like a weekly thing (being released every Wednesday) and if I am fine if I will keep it that way.

So that’s all the update for this post. Expect a new video soon.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Another week another video

And it has been a somewhat busy one.

The project: SM

The game is nearing completion. The level editor and the actual game is complete. The only thing missing is the menu, which should not be a big problem, an end game and saving the players progress. I also have to add some sound effects and some background music. And then it’s done. So that is all together about 1 or 2 days of work, few hours each.

As I said in the video I had to revamp some things I used from my framework. As I told before I’m not using my whole framework for this project only some small functions. The cause is because I would need to document then everything and that is something I don’t want to do. I fixed the font rendering system because it was working really slow. That’s because I was using texture fonts. Now that I switched to pixmap fonts it works much much faster.

I will add the changes to the framework when this game is done. I will probably add the animation system I’m currently using. But I don’t want to work on the framework currently so that will only be a small fix.

I have holidays next week and I hope that I will find the time to create videos for the course I’m working too. Now that this project is nearing completion I want to focus on the next one.

So here is a song for next week:

Have a nice day.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Video log #1

Not a really interesting post title but I'll let it be because it’s the first video log I created.

I had a sports “accident” on Saturday so I wasn’t really able to go anywhere which would have been a perfect opportunity for game development but I just suckered in and played Resident Evil 4 on my Wii again. Oh well.

But the “School Madness” project is going nicely. I added platforming and all with double jump. There is still lots of work but I’m getting there.

While recording the video I noticed that the player didn’t jump as high as normal. The game did run at 10-20 fps but I’m using delta time for everything so that should not happen. It works fine at higher fps but there are some weird anomalies at low fps. Don’t know what it could be I will have a look at it but I don’t really worry about it.

At the start of the video I do some explaining for those who are not following my blog but the rest is just showing the game.

I would appreciate some comments about the video Smile

Monday, January 30, 2012

Week update – School Madness

Well not real madness, but the name of the project is “School Madness".

The project

I haven’t really talked about the school project I’m working on. To complete my school we have to take certain tests at the end of the year. But we also have to create a “product” that has to do with our education. Since I’m learning for a computer technician (translated) and we are doing different programming things in school I decided to create a game. It’s something I’m best at and it suits me. I probably have one of the most ambitious projects in our class. The standard also isn’t very high and so creating a simple game out of pure C++ using many different libraries (SDL, OpenGL, Freetype, FTGL, irrKlang) is way (waaaaaaaay) above it. So I’m not concerned by the fact that the game is really simple platformer. But I’m still trying to do my best.

The projects is really organized with much emphasis on OOP (Object Oriented Programming) and using the languages more complex features everywhere. I’m also writing short comments everywhere on my mentors request and so that if I will need to discuss the code I will immediately know what is where.


(A screen of the current project running)

Edit the level editor

Currently most of the work is going into the level editor. I’m making it user friendly and easy to use. I’m planning on making it the bigger thing in the game promoting creating your own levels. And I think it will be more fun than the simple platforming game. It’s clearly the best level editor I made so far with easy to create levels, test them, and saving/loading works from in-game.


Here you can see the editor menu opened up. By clicking Save/Load Level a “menu” pops up where you input the name of the level. It works really well and it’s the first time I done text input in a game.The red boxes around the objects are collision boxes. It adds a fancy/technical look to the editor.

I still have to add a camera to the editor and some more objects like the player spawn and exit. I will make the rooms a fixed size so that level creators can’t go crazy with it. After that is done I will focus on the actual platforming part of the game. I still think I have to add some kind of power to the player so that is adds some challenge to the game. I think that a double jump will do which the player will then use to do some of the more tricky moves. That way the game won’t be too boring because I’m not planning on adding enemies or moving (deadly) objects.

And that is all about the project for this post.

I have been sick in the last few days and wasn’t really able to do much. I have been learning some 3D modeling with Blender and it’s really interesting. Maybe in the future you will see some low poly models on this blog. But don’t expect any 3D games Smile 

I also thought about starting to make video logs. Nothing complicated just a 1-5 minute video where I show you what I’m currently working on. For example on this post: I would show the code a little and how it’s structured, then I would run the game and show some of the features of the level editor and maybe run the player animation. Really simple. I think it would make a really nice addition and it wouldn’t take me much time to make them since I would make them totally spontaneously with no real goal. Fellow YouTube subscribers might appreciate new videos. Please give me some opinions about this idea in the comments. 

If you don’t know what I’m talking about here is a video log from Chevy Ray Johnston (An awesome indie game programmer/designer). If you can’t see the video click on the empty space and it should pop out.

Hollow's Deep - Ledge Grab & Tile Stitching from Chevy Ray Johnston on Vimeo.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My workspace

Everyone has a workspace, and it’s time that I show mine.

A room to work in

A picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll just stick with that.


Not really high quality (I took the picture with my phone) but it should do. As you can see I use a “dual” monitor screen setup. I’m using my laptop (HP ProBook 4530s) all the time and have an external 21’ LG monitor hooked up to it. I use the big monitor for developing/programming and the small one for things like browsing, music and messaging. The laptop is not really a beast but it’s really good for any kind of development and it still runs most of the games. It’s really practical that I’m all the time one the laptop so that I can simply unplug it and go to school with it and continue there. My other computer (the gaming beast) is currently using my younger brother. I sometimes miss the power but as I said my laptop is good enough for me. I use a classic English layout HP keyboard and the Logitech G700 mouse. I usually listen music on my over 6 years old speakers.

My software setup is Windows 7 64x OS. I’m not using Linux, because it has really bad support for the ATI graphics card and Windows gives more battery power. I miss many Linux tools (I use a Virtual Machine when I really need them) but I really got confortable with Windows. Mainly because of his wide support for different developing environments and better software support. I can use Visual Studio for my IDE again and FlashDevelop for AS3 development. Windows also has Graphics Gale, the best pixel art graphics program. Other software I mostly use: Qt Creator (For C++ GUI development), Eclipse (Java Android development), Aptana Studio 3 (HTML, JS, CSS, PHP development), Inkscape (Vector art), GIMP (Raster graphics / free Photoshop clone), Windows Live Writer (Blog posting), Winamp (Music listening), Pidgin, Skype, Steam (You can find me as "#include<luka>" add me for a round of TF2), etc. There are more but I think this is enough.

As you can see I have a big whiteboard in the middle of the room. It has some “secret” things written on it but you won’t be able to read of it because of the high quality image. I just got the board yesterday so I still don’t have colored pens and it’s not as full and colorful as it will be.

In the bottom you can see my high tech TV with my Wii hooked up to it. My brother can’t understand how I can enjoy playing games on that TV size but I love it that way.

And that is mainly it. Nothing special really just my room where I made all the things you can find on my blog. Other interesting things on the picture: a Pokemon cup, fancy lamp, full trash bin and a copy of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

And that fellow readers was my room.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

‘Me and my shadow’ v0.2

Whoa! A new post the same week as the last one. Well yea, I said that I will post more regularly. This post is about an old game of mine.

A better game

If you have been following my blog, you may have noticed that last February I posted about giving the source code of ‘Me and my shadow’ to a small team of developers. As it turns out the team is really passionate about the project and has brought the game to a completely new state. They revamped almost everything and added many great things. The game also has many new levels and a much better level editor. A completely new game but with the heart of the old one. I’m really happy and a little flattered that they took my game and made so much more out of it.

So what are you waiting for. If you liked the original or if you like platforming/puzzle games then you should really try it out. You can get the game from Sourceforge or from their site. There are also very open to anyone who would like to contribute to the project. Just check out the forums and ask where they need help. You can make new graphics, levels, sounds, music and if you are a programmer you can help them make the game even better.

I wish the guys good luck with the project and I hope that next year, I will be able to make a new post about an even better ‘Me and my shadow’

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Year 2012 is here

And another year has passed. The year I turned 18 and the year many things happened. You could also call it a year of my empty blog, because there wasn’t really anything on it. Well let’s change this.

A year in review

First let’s look back at year 2011. One could say that I didn’t do much in terms of game development, and that is probably true. I started the year with an “A game a month” project, but only completed 1 game. Then for the rest of the year… nothing. So it wasn’t really a good year for my game development.

On the other side, I accomplished many other things. I started working on my personal framework and can happily say, that I brought it to a state where I can use it for all my game development. It covers things like events, rendering, fonts, sound and game logic, and that is what I need. I will probably work more on the framework in the future, but for now I’ll leave it until I make a nice game out of it.

I also started making C++ game programming video tutorials. And they kind of “exploded” on the YouTube. I’m not saying that I got millions of views and thousand subscribers, but with 450 subscribers and over 100.000 views that were brought in just by these videos, I can say that I’m really happy with the result. And I hope I helped others find a way to create the game they want to make.

I also got 3rd place in the “national programming tournament” last year and that is something I’m proud of. I’m still using the mouse I got as an award.

I was in Ireland this year, working for a networking company, where I worked as a Python programmer. I learned much about Python and databases there and also got much experience from working abroad and for a real company. It’s something I won’t forget.

There ware also a ton of other small projects, which brought me much more knowledge in my expertise. Because of school, I had to take on many databases like PostgreSQL and MySQL. I also had to dig into Qt for C++, which is an amazing framework for GUI programs and almost everything not game based. It has so many different things you can use it’s simply amazing. And it’s cross-platform. I really recommend it to everyone who will try something else than games in C++. I also did some work in C#, learning the language and actually creating some things. I also got more into Android programming (with Java) and I plan to continue with it this year. Altogether I did a lot of different things and also finished many projects, which were never mentioned here because they were for other people or for school.

If I can sum up last year: I learned and created a lot of different things last year, which brought me a lot of experience and knowledge. But for my personal game development, well… you could say that was the worst year for it. But that’s OK.

New Year

This year there are big plans. I kind of got “mature” with computer programming and this, so I’m a lot more organized and hard working. I’m working more and more and not just slacking of playing games. I’m really trying to complete the projects I set myself.

Currently there are 3 bigger projects in works.

I am working really hard on making a new “C++ Game Programming” course/tutorial, but this time it’s for a paid site. The owners of the site saw my videos and asked me if I want to make something like that for their site. And I agreed. There are many videos already done and many more to be made. It’s going well, but making quality videos takes more time that usually. I really hope that people will like it so that I will make some money out of it. I would really want to make some money out of my works and I hope that this will be some kind of  a start point for me. I won’t tell many details about it, but when it’s done, I’ll make a post about it and make sure there will be coupons for those of you interested.

Because of that project the YouTube videos are on halt. I just can’t make both of them at the same time so they will have to wait. I don’t know if and when I will return to making more YouTube tutorials, but I can say that it won’t be soon. Sorry folks, but there are other priorities.

This year I also have my “finals” in school and I have to create a final project for that. I decided that I’m going to make a game. A simple Mario rip-off game, but I don’t mind, because it’s not a big project and won’t go public. It’s just something for school that I have to finish till March.

The last project. Well it’s a game. A quite big project for me and will probably be my first polished complete game (kinda) since JAHP. It’s also bigger that JAHP and more complex. I won’t tell anything about it, but I will post a screenshot when it’s so far. Currently I’m not working on it that much, because I’m making videos and I really have to create the game for school. But once that clears up, I’ll put all my effort back in the game.

So that’s all I had to say for now. Big things happened and are going to happen and I will make sure I’ll write much more on this blog so that you can read and see what’s currently happening. Have a nice day.