Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Year 2012 is here

And another year has passed. The year I turned 18 and the year many things happened. You could also call it a year of my empty blog, because there wasn’t really anything on it. Well let’s change this.

A year in review

First let’s look back at year 2011. One could say that I didn’t do much in terms of game development, and that is probably true. I started the year with an “A game a month” project, but only completed 1 game. Then for the rest of the year… nothing. So it wasn’t really a good year for my game development.

On the other side, I accomplished many other things. I started working on my personal framework and can happily say, that I brought it to a state where I can use it for all my game development. It covers things like events, rendering, fonts, sound and game logic, and that is what I need. I will probably work more on the framework in the future, but for now I’ll leave it until I make a nice game out of it.

I also started making C++ game programming video tutorials. And they kind of “exploded” on the YouTube. I’m not saying that I got millions of views and thousand subscribers, but with 450 subscribers and over 100.000 views that were brought in just by these videos, I can say that I’m really happy with the result. And I hope I helped others find a way to create the game they want to make.

I also got 3rd place in the “national programming tournament” last year and that is something I’m proud of. I’m still using the mouse I got as an award.

I was in Ireland this year, working for a networking company, where I worked as a Python programmer. I learned much about Python and databases there and also got much experience from working abroad and for a real company. It’s something I won’t forget.

There ware also a ton of other small projects, which brought me much more knowledge in my expertise. Because of school, I had to take on many databases like PostgreSQL and MySQL. I also had to dig into Qt for C++, which is an amazing framework for GUI programs and almost everything not game based. It has so many different things you can use it’s simply amazing. And it’s cross-platform. I really recommend it to everyone who will try something else than games in C++. I also did some work in C#, learning the language and actually creating some things. I also got more into Android programming (with Java) and I plan to continue with it this year. Altogether I did a lot of different things and also finished many projects, which were never mentioned here because they were for other people or for school.

If I can sum up last year: I learned and created a lot of different things last year, which brought me a lot of experience and knowledge. But for my personal game development, well… you could say that was the worst year for it. But that’s OK.

New Year

This year there are big plans. I kind of got “mature” with computer programming and this, so I’m a lot more organized and hard working. I’m working more and more and not just slacking of playing games. I’m really trying to complete the projects I set myself.

Currently there are 3 bigger projects in works.

I am working really hard on making a new “C++ Game Programming” course/tutorial, but this time it’s for a paid site. The owners of the site saw my videos and asked me if I want to make something like that for their site. And I agreed. There are many videos already done and many more to be made. It’s going well, but making quality videos takes more time that usually. I really hope that people will like it so that I will make some money out of it. I would really want to make some money out of my works and I hope that this will be some kind of  a start point for me. I won’t tell many details about it, but when it’s done, I’ll make a post about it and make sure there will be coupons for those of you interested.

Because of that project the YouTube videos are on halt. I just can’t make both of them at the same time so they will have to wait. I don’t know if and when I will return to making more YouTube tutorials, but I can say that it won’t be soon. Sorry folks, but there are other priorities.

This year I also have my “finals” in school and I have to create a final project for that. I decided that I’m going to make a game. A simple Mario rip-off game, but I don’t mind, because it’s not a big project and won’t go public. It’s just something for school that I have to finish till March.

The last project. Well it’s a game. A quite big project for me and will probably be my first polished complete game (kinda) since JAHP. It’s also bigger that JAHP and more complex. I won’t tell anything about it, but I will post a screenshot when it’s so far. Currently I’m not working on it that much, because I’m making videos and I really have to create the game for school. But once that clears up, I’ll put all my effort back in the game.

So that’s all I had to say for now. Big things happened and are going to happen and I will make sure I’ll write much more on this blog so that you can read and see what’s currently happening. Have a nice day.


  1. Nice new design. Hope to see more videos soon.


  2. Sounds like you had one great year man! Nice to hear it :D Now, I shall wait for teh screenz of your s.e.c.r.e.t project ;)

  3. Yes I really like the new design, thanks Anon :)
    The screens will come Blody :)