Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Holidays over

And I am back. If you haven’t noticed I was kind of away last week. We had holidays and I totally took that time to take a break. Even if I planned other things.

A quick week

The week passed really quickly. I planned to finish the project during the holidays and maybe start on something else but it turned out I took a full vacation from everything. I also wasn’t home a few days so that makes even less time to work. So let’s just say that nothing was done that week even though I have learned some new OpenGL things but that doesn’t really count.

It’s Wednesday again and it seams that a new log will come out today. They more or less look like a weekly thing (being released every Wednesday) and if I am fine if I will keep it that way.

So that’s all the update for this post. Expect a new video soon.

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