Saturday, March 3, 2012

Video log #3

No fancy post names. It is what it is: a new video log!

Well it does look like I missed the Wednesday upload date but now it’s here. I’m kind of lazy these days and don’t work that much. Who knows why. I’m probably in some creative block state or in super lazy mode. I’ll try to change that as soon as possible.

I just show the projects I have been working on these days. The game is almost finished. I implemented the instructions screen while the video was uploading which leaves just the levels. I’ll try to make the game at least 20-30 levels long so that it has some play time (more than 10 minutes). The OpenGL demo might seam silly for some, but I never really got into true 3D with perspectives, triangles only, no orthos and some silly lighting. Also as I said don’t expect 3D games.

Now that the game is almost finished and I’ll start writing the documentation. I hope that won’t kill me because I hate writing it. I’ll also start recording new videos for the course so that I can get it public in a month or so.

And that is all for this post.

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