Monday, May 25, 2009


Hello there. Yesterday I was searching for some info about box2d and some stuff. I played games a lot. Today I had some time in the morning to think of a good game idea. And I found a good one. In school while I was sitting I though of an great idea that will turn the game from  a normal thing to something more interesting. The game is now very complex and I will maybe be able to finnish it under 1 week. Don't know. The rest of the day I spend reading a book because I have to read the book till tomorrow and then write something about it and the characters in it and then I have to present it in school on wednesday. Bad choice of timming. But hey gota do it. I will probably start working on the game on wednesday or maybe tomorrow when I finish the writing.

Some random picture here:

Hope you didn't fall asleep. Bye and good night.

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