Friday, January 2, 2009

Battle Pong progress: Day 3

Here is what I have done today:

- The collision now works nice. (There is a glitch but I will leave it because it is a nice thing :D )
- Ball speeds up after a while.
- All the things with the fonts are done.
- Scoring works
- When the ball is out it generates somewhere in the middle.
- A manu is done ( I did it with a game state switch)
The menu needs a some work with the graphics, because it wonts have fonts.

Here is a picture of a menu:

Nothing special but i have done it to test if I can make a state machine ( a game state). I will explain about this when all is done.

Here is a picture of in game:

As you can see all of the things are done. I don't know if I will add better graphics.
It is also funny because the finnal product looks the same as i drawed it when I posted about it and how it will look.

I will probably more or less finnish the game tommorow. What i need ot do is:
- Finnish the menu (Add "nice" graphics and more choses)
- Make 2 player (This shudn't be hard to do because I have most of the thing alredy done)
- Add sounds :D
- Maybe credits
- Nothing more i think.

The particle thing and powerups won't be done. Because they are not needed.

So blog you tommorow.

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