Monday, June 1, 2009

I am back :D

Hello. Yesterday I came from the LAN party but I didn't post anything. I am now posting this from school. I have to say again: these computers are garbage. But hey, you can write in them and make reports in word (if you are lucky and it is instaled). We realy should go to the classroom where there are new computers.

So. The LAN party was a big succes. Now I have to start working on th new project. I just remembered yesterday that I have to do a presentation till tommorow about something that is related with are. I though about presenting google SketchUp, because you can do some nice arty things with it. I will just search the net too se what I can find. If I will make the presentation realy fast ( maybe even here in school ) then I will start working on it.

Did you see the trailer for Cactus new game :P


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  1. Cool. I love all the tiny little details, like the shaking words and pulsating colors. The smoke explosion at 0:50 is also awesome.