Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Today it started

Hello. No posts some time. Yea I know... I will start posting regular from tomorrow on. I have been playing Minecraft a lot these days. I am running my own server and there are a lot of people playing it. But today I stopped and started programming. And yea I got that feeling back. Fingers just fly and you can see progress in minutes. But I started a little late today. I hope that the "Code rush" will come back tomorrow. I plan on finishing todays GID and make another one tomorrow. I hope I will make it :D There is also a mini Ludumdare this weekend. Hmm... we will see. But keep in mind, a game made in a day can't be IDK what. But fun at least.

Hmm.. well I run the Minecraft server some days now. Here is a screenie of the world. It is made from scratch in these days.

So tomorrow it goes. And sorry for no posts these days.

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