Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Quick update

Hello there. First some update on the project skedual. I started on the project on Sunday night. I was on a picnic so there wasn't much time. I mainly did the bacis framework and some player stuff that day. I had tuts and help opened the whole time, because is takes some time to get used to openGL state tipe of work. There is also many stuf you have to know. But I will get used to it. 

I didn't do anything yesterday because I was on pool with friends from 7 AM to 9 PM. :D

Today was also a rather busy day. I slept a lot. I worked few hours on it throught the day. The big problem is that I have to share the computer with my brother. We switch every 1 hour and it is realy hard to work on something. I rather like it that I take some hours for the project and not to work on it for 45 minutes then go and do something else and then get back to work. It just doesn't work. I also wasn't home most of the day. The player movement is done and the rotation. I had some problems with angles because it's the first time I am working with angles and direction. But I managet to get a smooth movent. It is a acceleration time of movement so it takes some time to speed up and slow down. A picture of it:

Simple graphics huh. It will be only quads but I think it will have a nice look at the end. Experimental projects augusts there is "Bare minimum". Maybe the bare minimum of graphics in this game will be enough so I will maybe post it there. :D who knows.

I will try to get the game done till sunday ( in the 7 day deadline ). I WILL.

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  1. Ha, I remember sharing the computer with my brother too. It's nice having my own now!