Friday, July 31, 2009

Everything normal

Hello there. Well everything went good today. I called the shop and they said that I can go get the card back :D They said that they didn't find the number sooooo.... ok. But I think it was worth it. Instead of getting back my Geforce 8500gt I got a geforce 9500. A card that is twice as powerful. Lucky me :D.

I tryed the card and everything works fine now. OpenGL runs fine. 

That means that I can start on the project. Well today I go on a BD party so I won't have time today. It is a little late. I wil lstart tomorrow but we have a picnic tomorrow and another one on sunday. Well. The game will be made in 7 days maximum that means I will work on it durring the week. Oh yeah. I go to the poll with friends on monday ( the whole day ) so I won't work that day.

Good bye. 


  1. Nice upgrade!

    I like the new look to this site. Although the tabs on the left side say "undefined".

  2. blog looks nice man.