Sunday, July 5, 2009

Long time no post

Hello everyone. I havent posted anything for 1 week. But I have to tell you I didn't work that hard so I couldn't post anything. But I have worked on it fairly enough, so that all the gameplay is done. But I wasn't home today the whole day ( family visit ) so I couldn't finnish the game. I will do that tomorrow. I also have to add sound, but that isn't hard.

The game is preaty simple, some fast arcade style gameplay with lots of particles effects. I will make a simple menu with instrucions screen. And I also have to programm the loosing part. :P Damn I realy could have completed the game till friday, but I was realy lazy :P. I should try to complete the game as fast as I can and then take the week of. Just like jayenkai ( sorry if I spelled it wrong ). Yep that means I will still be doing a week a game. I will not pull myself together and do this things right.

So my game comes tomorrow. Don't expect anything great, but I think is a nice little time waster, just like watching paint dry :D

lol at the picture :D

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