Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Computer upgrade

Hello there. Today I did a software upgrade. I decided to install a Windows 7. After many years that I used Windows Xp, I decided that I should move to the newer version. So today I installed Windows 7. I'm testing it the whole day and it is working perfectly. I'm a surprised how well it works. Even on my really old computer.

But sadly I didn't work a thing of the new project. It's took me the whole day to install the programs back. I already installed Visual Studio, but I still need to setup SDL. I hope I'll be able to start on the project tomorrow. But don't think I didn't do anything. I wrote all the concept of the game on a paper. That means that all of the game play idea is already done. The graphics aren't really anything special but I hope the game play will be nice. I will probably post a scan of the concept tomorrow. I also studied some math functions so I'll be able to do some new things.

That's all for today, no pictures or anything.

And if you want to know I used the voice recognition software to write this post, no typing at all. That is really cool.

But. Good night.

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