Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hello there

Well hello there :D Long time no post. Yea almost 2 week have passed since the last post and somewhere 20 days since the last game. I realy need to start posting again at least. But a new project is also on the way.

Diffrent things have been happening these days but nothing realy interesting. I started on a new project before few days but I canceled it. Yep that's right. I didn't realy like the concept and the game was to much on graphics. 

I will try to start on something tomorrow. I still need to get some idea. I have no clue what it will be. I will probably make a simple shot-em up with cubes:D Yea cubes :D Something like this:

The game si called CrytorYan and it is an impressive game made in only 6 hours. I also like the gameplay it is simple but it has something interesting in it :D Link.

I also though about a game where you jump into water. Well you do rotations and trick in the air. Something where you have to press the corosponding ( typo probably ) button. I will leave that idea for later. Also is going to annouce a new theme in the next weeks.

Cya. Good night :D

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