Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Got a theme and an idea

Hello there. The "tomorrow" has came. Even if 1 week later ( or more? ). I got some themes here and also on IRC. But I haven't really got an idea out of it. I didn't even try really. Mannnn I am lame and lazy. the school has also got some effects on this. But it goes well till now. I also changed my thinking about plain C ( ANSI C ). It is very similar to C++ but with some other stuff. I don't like the goto stuff. Doesn't seam right to me. Ok lets forget this.

Today I finished earlier with school and I had 1 hour time to sit at the train station and wait for the train. So I tried ( wow ) to get and idea. And it came really quickly, you just have to try. It has to do with current year period... fall. Yes, fall. It will be an "mouse-clicking action platformer". Not so much of a platformer but still. Many circular math included, I hope i won't have to do as much researching as last time. I will try to start this weekend and maybe even make it in 7 days.

(The game has to do with leaves) :D

Bye people. I will try to start posting more stuff.


  1. sounds like a good idea.. good luck

  2. goto is in c++ too. Either way, you're rarely ever supposed to use it.

    C is good in it's own ways, but for games and applications, it's probably more productive to use C++.