Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A little delay

Like always. What did you expect. But it isn't such a big thing. It is only that this week is a little full with school stuff and grading. A looot of things. So it kinda sucks the will out of you to work on something and do stuff for school. So I rather play games. But I will start working on it before the weekend. Probably friday. Man I really have to get back to programming, I play too much games... instead of making them. The funny thing is: it is more fun to make games, but it is hard to get yourself starting creating one. 

Oh yea forgot how I said I will " post more ".... hmm will try to start that.

Good night.


  1. Haha totally agree with you man.. its hard to concentrate on school stuff and making games at the same time..

  2. Its not better in university. I have to do so much research for other (interesting) stuff, that I can't push my game project forward. (Tough this project is for university too.)

    Keep going,