Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Holidays are here...

Hello there. So much about my regular posting :D. But lets leave that beside. School is going very well and I have been able to get many grades. There is only 1 more test tomorrow. English... I hope it will go good. After that HOLIDAYS!!! Well Is till have to go to school on friday but we have computer practice all day and that is easy. Holidays are from 23th - 31th of october. 1 week and 2 weekends. I also don't have to learn for anything because I did many stuff already. Plenty of time to make games. The weather is also perfect for it ( cloudy and cold, fast wind, no sun ). 

For the current project. Well.... there has been stuff in school. So no time. I also don't really like the overall gameplay of the project that I planed. But I will rethink about the idea tomorrow and start working on it. It will be a rapid game. Like 3-4 days :D Yea I will try. And a another game in the holidays. So 2 games in the next 2 weeks.

No more excuses on not working on it. Tomorrow I start. 

I would also like to thank for the support. Some people have contacted me in the last week about game programming and that really is a morale boost for me.

Bye. Off to learn english :D


  1. What?! What holiday is it? We don't have any here, except for Halloween.

  2. Well they were. They are called ( literaly translated ) potato holidays. 1 week before halloween. :D