Monday, February 2, 2009

School + Programming = ?

Hello. So today I will post something about how school and programming doesn't belong together, at least when you are not programming for the school. Because I am visiting the first year of computer school we still don't do any programming, this comes the next year, so all of my programming is done for myself. So let's take this day as an example:

- 5 AM: I wake up totally sleepy, getting out of the bed somehow and getting ready for school.

- 5.30 AM I go on the train to my school.

- From 6.15 AM to 1.50 PM I am at school

- 2 PM I go on the train home

- 3.10 PM I arrive home happy that a another day is over

Then I just don't do anything smart for like 1 hour

- Somewhere at 4.30 PM I start working on my presentation for Maths for Wednesday.

- Almost finishing the presentation at 6.30 PM

- 7.00 PM I go to the gym to play volleyball

- 8.00 PM: I get home

Then I do homework and learn for school

- 9.00 PM: To late to do something so I watch tv and prepare myself for sleep

- 10.00 PM: I go to sleep because I need to wake up the next day at 5 AM.

And this is a day in my life. Well ok I don't go to gym every day, and if I don't have too much stuff to do for school then I go programming. Considering the times on the computer I have to mention that I share my computer with my little younger brother, and that is a pain in the ass.

As you can see it is hard to program those days before you have something in school because you have to prepare.

Tomorrow I still have to prepare for math but I hope that I will do something useful.

Blog you tomorrow.

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