Thursday, February 12, 2009

Again a update

Yea. I didn't post anything useful these days and I didn't do anything on the project but I did a few days before the shooting and collision detection. I works perfect. I hope I will do something tomorrow. I say this every time, but well. Here is a picture of the current game:

As you can see, i killed many enemies. If you kill a whole row on the left or the right, then they will move more right or left, soo they always turn around just before they touch the walls.

Today I took a another project on my shoulder. In school, a friend was playing a simple game on the phone. It was a game where you fly a paper plane in a tunnel and avoid obstacles. You press a button to fly up and if you release the button you go down. It is simple but addicting. When we were watching as he broke a record some one came up with an idea that I should make the game for the computers. I said yes. And I said that it will be done in 1 week. I think I can make it in like 2 days because I will make it in Game Maker. I decided to make such small games and projects in Game Maker ( game quickies ).

Updating tomorrow. Bye

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