Sunday, February 8, 2009

Space Invaders Versus update

Here is a update for my current project. For the past 3 days I have been searching help on forums and dealing with a error that was unknown to me. After a very useful post on GameDev, someone suggested me that I should use vectors instead of arrays and remove the pointers. Because I didn't know anything about vectors I first read about them and them after few hours of trying sucessfuly changed from array to vector. Then I needed to remove those 50 pointed classes and make them non-pointers (normal). And after additional hours, the game is now bug free. You can finnaly run it without getting a error. And you can add thing in code without getting errors. The total work time on this project is now 10 hours, more that 5 hours are fixing and rewriting the code in a new way to make it bug-free. But I managed to implement shooting, even if there are some minnor things in it to be fixed and enemy movement. They now move like in the original.

Things needed that this project becomes a copy of the original:
- well that you can shot enemys ( collision )
- those blocks for defense
- score

This will be rpobably done tomorrow, so i will get to a point to a copy of the original. The I will start doing the thing that I want to be... i think i mentioned them somewhere before.

Here is a picture:

(Me moving and shoting, and the enemys moving)

Somewhere at the end, I will add some colorfull particle engine that will move with the bullets and you soo it will look a little nicer. But this is for now.

Blog you tommorow.

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