Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Talk Talk Talk - TTT

Hello. Well the topic name isn't really a interesting but i haven't got an idea what to write. I decided to post some maybe useful things that can be fount on the web.

But first some update the project. I didn't do the presentation today so I will do it tomorrow and tomorrow there are other things in the school. So all the things for this week will be finished tomorrow. That means that I will have time tomorrow, Friday, Saturday and maybe Sunday for the project. Well at least if we don't get anything extra from the school.

So now for some useful things that I like and that I use.

1. Opera web browser
I think that Opera is a great browser. It is really fast and useful. It has mouse gestures detection so you just move a mouse in some motion and yo will go back, open new tab, close a tab and so on. I also noticed that it is faster than other browsers. You ca use speed link in opera, with which you can quickly access you favorite sites.

2. eeeeee... hmmm Keeping you computer clean
Well you shud always keep you computer clean. By clean I mean, stable and good performace not clean from dust, even if less dust is also good.

- CCleaner
CCleaner is a great program to clean your computer from unneeded junk. The best think is that it is free. Just run it and it works

- TuneUp
Nothing to say here. It is a must to have. It isn't free but it is really good to have.

- You shud also defragment you discs every 2 day or every day. Maybe it takes an hour the first time but then is is only few minutes if you do it regulary.

3 . Quick I need a idea..... To all programmers
This is a advice to all programmes who use Visual Studio. It is great but then restrubution is a paint in the ass. I threw away many many hours to find a way that other people don't need unecesary crap on their computer to run my simple game. So what i did. Installed Dev c++, puted my project in there compiled and it run on any compuer. I will probably post a post about this where I will explain it a little more, beacause I think it is a good thing to talk about

Soo I am goint to sleep now and I am out of ideas. I think I will post more about usefull stuff but first I need to find some things.

So blog you tomorrow.

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