Friday, April 8, 2011

Episode 5 and donations

It's been some time since the last episode. I've been working on the framework and I have also been learning Python (nice language) but I finally decided to make a new episode. I will try to make episodes more often from now on.
So here it is (I forgot to enlarge the font but it's readable in HD):

The next thing I have to say is that I implemented a PayPal donate button on the right. I am trying to make some money from game developing and if someone has something to spare and likes my games then I would be really happy for a donation. You can donate whatever amount you want and I will also keep a list of donators and will probably put them in my games (So if you donate, add a nickname or a link on where people can reach you)

Thats all,
thanks :D


  1. Hey man this is Zack, we emailed a month or two ago. I would totally support you, but I don't have any cash haha. I've been teaching myself Python for a while also; I've given up on C++, it's much too confusing for me. Oh and thanks for letting me take a look at some of your code, I learned a lot although I didn't make anything of it. And because of you I've switched to Linux completely :) After using emacs I was in Heaven. I hope you continue making videos and sharing your progress with the world. Also, what brings you to the Python world? :)

  2. Hello. Thanks for a nice comment. I am happy that I helped you in the programmers world :)
    Well Python was a nice language I always wanted to learn and it can be used with C++. So I taught I would give it a go.

  3. Okay, that makes sense. Have you ever used Lua? Game companies use that all the time for game programming because it fits so easily into C++. It's actually quite fun using Lua, let alone with C++. Oh also, what do you think of Flash/AS3? I've been using it and rather enjoy its simplicity (unlike C++), was it just too restrictive for you?

  4. I never used Lua but I will maybe try it someday. About AS3, I used it with FlashPunk. So some restrictions that I had with object oriented programming probably came because I used a Library. But overall it's a great language and with Flixel/Flashpunk it's a great combination for someone to start game-dev.