Sunday, March 14, 2010

Back from reality... with a Wii

Hello there after a very long time. A long time has past since I posted the video and longer since I posted something on my projects. Well here is a little update.

The cause for my lazyness is, that I bought a Wii on Tuesday and have been playing it since. It is awesome. I have been mostly playing Zelda: Twilight Princess and I have to say it is the best Zelda I player, and I played all of them. Except of the CD series. You know how it is when you buy a console, you play and play. 

I am trying not to play too much and work on something but I just wasn't able :D But today I kinda got the wish back to work on something. So I looked a little into Wii programming. I found out that you can use SDL or you can use the native DevKit. But I thought a little about it and games without OpenGL with only SDL would be a step back for me. So if I will chose to start a little with Wii programming then I will use the native DevKit. But I prefer Windows programming because that way everyone can play my games. If I start doing something for wii with total different API then it would only be playable on Wii and some port on PC would not be possible. I will see, maybe some little test apps on Wii but I will stay on my OS.

That's for that. This weekend is a mini LD again with a focus on Retro. Very low resolution and 8 colors. Almost the same as the last. If I will participate then it will be a short GID, because I already made a game on that theme. Maybe I will make it on my own and not in the time of the miniLD, because I love ultra retro games with resolution of 100*100.

Now some info on my Video episodes. Again the Wii took all my time but episode 2 is very near. I will try to show all games till Squared Shooter but I don't want to go over the 10 minute limit on Youtube. If I would make footage for 18 minutes that would go but not 12 minutes like last time. Because then I have to split it in a strange way. People kinda liked the last episode (woah 35 views) so I will keep on making them.

Phew that was a long post. So have a nice day on the other side of the Earth and a good night here. I hope I will work again soon till then... I am of saving Hyrule.

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  1. yea i have a hacked wii.. havent used it in a year though