Saturday, March 27, 2010

Apologise :D

Hello there. I think I owe an apologize to myself and to all of you. One week ago I said I will start working again and that a new video episode is coming. But all I have been doing the whole week (more that that) is... nothing. I was just doing nothing, I'm such a lazy bastard. My Windows also crashed and I did a format (all my files are saved). Well there is one nice thing, I haven't played a game on my PC for more than a week, maybe 2. If I opened a game then it was for 5 minutes but nothing more. All my gaming has moved to the Wii. But I still waste most of the time doing nothing. So this time I won't promise anything but deep in me I feel my development heart is working again. :D I hope that by tomorrow the next episode is going to be up, or maybe on Monday, because YouTubes uploading is slow for me.

A video...

Today I discovered an amazing application for my PC. It is called Trillian. It is just amazing. I linked all my stuff together, MSN, Facebook, Gmail, Skype and even my old Twitter (which I will be using again from now on because it is so nice with Trillian). I have all my updates in a nice looking window on my right and it just saves time. All the updates on these sites are shown in nice notices so you never have to check those sites with you browser to see if there is something new. And did I say that Trillian is free. Go get it. Maybe I will say a little about it in the next video.

That is all for now. I have to update the projects on the right, the last 3 games aren't added.Bye

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