Sunday, April 11, 2010

Red's Game Development Episode 2

Here it is. After such a long time period I made a new video. Watch and comment please.

I recommend going to YouTube and watch the HD version. I hope you like it.

I also started working on a new project. It is a simple 3D strategy. Nothing special just something to test 3D.



  1. Very nice work! How do you do the rotation in "Squared Shooters"?
    Are you using sdl_gfx?
    Are you even using SDL for your second game?

  2. Thanks!
    No I don't use SDL_gfx. I was using OpenGL for the rendering but the rotation is all done mathematically. I was using points for the edges and then used mathematical formulas to rotate them and the "separate axis theorem" for collision detection.
    Yea I used SDL for input management, everything else is OpenGL.

  3. Ah, alright, I see.
    I haven't really done any OpenGL rendering in SDL.
    I guess it is about time. ;-)