Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Episoded 9 and 10

After quite some time I uploaded episode 10. Episode 9 was on YouTube for quite some time, but I rather wait and then post them in pairs on my blog. Episode 9 shows how to load images into the game and then blend them on the screen. In #10 we do some refinements. I don't yet know what the next episode is going to show, so if you have any ideas, post them.

I think that the episodes are going well and that each new one gets better. I had some video/mic problems in these episodes but I think that is now fixed. I also got many subscribers which is a good positive feedback, because I know that people like the series.

On the other hand my projects have stopped. I am not working on any game right now. But I must say that I made nice progress with the framework and it's currently heading towards milestone #2. To get from the current state I have to add handling images and rendering fonts, which will require me to learn FTGL. I think that after I will reach the 2. milestone I will begin working on a new game with the framework. Because it's going to be usable at that state. I have many ideas for the next project including a sequel of "Squared Shooter". Yea it came so far that I will make a sequel, but people really like the game and I know that I can make it better and bigger. I also need to give more polish to all of my games. I think the last game that got "polished" was Space Invaders Versus. But back then my programming skills managed to create quite some bugs :)

That's all for now, goodbye.


  1. Awesome tutorials dude. Hope you wont stop with them episodes. Keep up the good work =]

    PS: May I ask how did you managed to get the console on top screen and what theme are you using cuz it looks really nice

  2. Thanks. The console on top is called "tilda".

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